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Welcome to the InForm Fitness Podcast, 20 minutes with New York Times, best-selling author, Adam Zickerman and Friends. Inform Fitness offers life-changing, personal training with several locations across the U.S. Reboot your metabolism and experience the revolutionary Power of 10, the high intensity, slow motion, strength training system that’s so effective, you’ll get a week’s worth of exercise in just one 20-minute session, (which by no coincidence is about the length of this podcast). Your hosts for the show are Adam Zickerman, the founder of Inform Fitness, Mike Rogers, trainer and GM of Inform Fitness in Manhattan, Sheila Melody, co-owner and trainer of Inform Fitness in Los Angeles, and Tim Edwards, founder of the InBound Podcasting Network and client of Inform Fitness in Los Angeles.
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Feb 5, 2017

This podcast episode includes about a 10-minute interview between Adam

and Joanie which basically recaps what we talked about in the last two episodes of

The Inform Fitness Podcast. Then at the completion of the video a little magic happened.  A relatively spontaneous little jam session broke out between Adam and Joanie.

Adam pulled out a guitar and Joanie shared her voice with us and we captured it all on video. It was really great and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

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The transcription to this episode is below:

14 Jammin with Adam and Joanie - Transcript

Intro: You’re listening to the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with New York Times,

best-selling author, Adam Zickerman and friends. Brought to you by InForm

Fitness, life changing personal training with several locations across the US.

Reboot your metabolism and experience the revolutionary Power of 10, the high

intensity, slow motion, strength training system that’s so effective, you’d get a

week’s worth of exercise in just one 20-minute session, which by no coincidence

is about the length of this podcast. So, get ready InForm Nation, your 20 minutes

of high intensity strength training information begins in 3, 2, 1.

Tim: Hey InForm Nation. Welcome into a special bonus addition of the InForm Fitness

podcast, 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. I'm Tim Edwards with the

Inbound Podcasting Network. A few things are a little different about this episode.

For one, it's definitely going to be a little shorter than 20 minutes. And Mike and

Sheila won't be making an appearance but certainly will be returning in the next

week's episode. The audio was captured from a video that my company, Inbound

Films, produced for InForm Fitness.

Now, if you listen to the podcast with any regularity you know that Sheila and I

are here in the Los Angeles area but we record the podcast from two separate

locations. Mike Rogers and InForm Fitness founder, Adam Zickerman, participate

from their Manhattan location in New York City. Well, in June of 2016 Adam

Zickerman visited the InForm Fitness location in Toluca Lake near Burbank,

California and we filmed a ton of trainer certification and marketing videos for

InForm Fitness. Some of which you'll be able to see at Well,

during Adam's visit here in Los Angeles, Joanie Pimentel from the group No

Small Children and the special guest of our last two episodes here in the podcast,

Fat Loss and Face Melting, stopped by InForm Fitness to chat with Adam in one

of the videos that we were producing.

Now, this podcast episode includes about a 10-minute interview between Adam

and Joanie which basically recaps what we talked about in the last two episodes of

the podcast. Then at the completion of the video a little magic happened. A

relatively spontaneous little jam session broke out between Adam and Joanie.

Adam pulled out a guitar and Joanie shared her voice with us and we captured it

all on video. It was really great and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

So, here is our bonus episode of the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with

Adam Zickerman and friends. This episode is called Jammin with Adam and


Adam: Hi, I'm Adam Zickerman. I'm here with Joanie Pimentel from No Small Children,

one of my favorite new bands. And she was just a recent guest on one of my

shows called 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. Joanie, I love your

band. I love No Small Children. I've met you guys. I've seen you live. Your


albums are great. You have high energy. It's really awesome. Your voices are --

your voice, it kills me. It kills me.

Joanie: Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

Adam: Really. Really. So, tell me about the band a little bit. Tell everyone about that.

Joanie: Well, we are a power trio as you had mentioned.

Adam: Yes. It's a power trio.

Joanie: We play original rock music. We've been playing together about three years now. We have three albums out and we are super active on all social media, Facebook, Instagram, all those things the kids are doing nowadays. And we actually

something very exciting has just happened for us. We were -- one of our songs

was selected to be in the new Ghostbusters movie.

Adam: Oh my gosh.

Joanie: We had actually recorded a version of the Ghostbusters' theme song and

submitted it to Sony Pictures, thinking this, you know, probably nothing with ever

happen of it but it did and they actually fell in love with our version of the song at

the last minute, snuck it into the movie. So, you will hear --

Adam: It's going to be opening credits of the movie.

Joanie: It's going to be in the closing credits of the movie and over the blooper reel. Yes.

Adam: Wow.

Joanie: So, you will hear us playing that version.

Adam: Oh, right on. Congratulations.

Joanie: Yeah. It's really exciting. It's really, really exciting, so.

Adam: That's great.

Joanie: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. Well, it couldn't happen to a better group of people.

Joanie: Why thank you so much.

Adam: You definitely deserve it.

Joanie: We are very serious about having fun.

Adam: Yeah [laughs].

Joanie: Very serious, so.

Adam: So, tell us, the reason you were on our podcast is because you went through a

transformation recently.

Joanie: I have indeed. Yes.

Adam: And you've been -- part of that transformation was using the Power of 10

workout. So, why don't you tell me a little bit about that?

Joanie: Well, over the past about a year, just over a year, I have been in the process of losing quite a bit of weight. I've lost about 120 pounds at this point. And early on I

met with Sheila through InForm Fitness. I met her through my sister who is a

longtime friend of Sheila's and I came to the open house and I have always been

one of those people who despises working out. There really is nothing that beats

relaxing on the couch. It's very hard to beat that [laughs] but --

Adam: [laughs] I'm with you.

Joanie: Yes. It feels good, right? So, I came to the open house and I was a total skeptic

and I said to Sheila, just so you know, I hate all exercise. I don't like going to the

gym. I do not like going to classes. It's not for lack of effort or willingness. I just

tried it and really disliked it. So, she said, great. I said, what do you mean great?

She says, this is going to be perfect for you. This approach it takes 20 minutes. It

speaks to the things that are very important to you. There is lots of data and

scientific information to back up its effectiveness and it's results driven. So, I said,

alright. I'll believe it when I see it.

So, I started working out with her once a week and within three weeks it was very

clear that it was working. I started to feel really strong and for me personally

that's actually very important, that part of it. I have to move a lot of equipment

and gear, often have to do it very quickly. And when you're in an all-female trio

and you're the biggest person [laughs] --

Adam: After the Ghostbusters you can have roadies soon.


Joanie: Yeah. Oh, wouldn't that be amazing? I would love that. Yes. But in the interim we manage all of our own gear and things like that. So, being able to do that's very

important. And also not getting hurt is very important because those things can

really end your career if you get seriously hurt. Not being able to jump around on

stage and perform is a big problem. So, that was always a concern.

Adam: Yeah. Well, that's our number one value principle is don't do any harm and

[crosstalk 06:41] results.

Joanie: That's right. And actually that was one of the things that appealed to me right

away, is that the emphasis was put on safety. All the equipment looked like

something you would see in a medical rehab center. Not even necessarily at your

local gym. So, and I did the workout the first time and I could barely walk to the

car. And I said, okay, this is clearly a workout. I was skeptical that you could get it

done in 20 minutes but it definitely worked for sure. And then I came back the

next week and came back the next week and like I said, after three weeks, I really

noticed a difference. And then it continued to grow from there.

Adam: [Crosstalk 07:19].

Joanie: About four years earlier I had been treated for thyroid cancer and one of the

treatments, the treatment requires that you essentially be starved of thyroid

hormone which makes you completely exhausted to the point where every muscle

in your body stops working effectively. And that was very difficult for me.

Actually, strangely enough that was the most difficult part of the entire process.

Because I have always self-identified as being very strong, physically strong

person. Being able to lift things that are heavy, more so than the average woman.

So, when that part of me was gone I felt like part of my identity had gone.

Adam: Hm [contemplative], interesting.

Joanie: So, maintaining that was very important to me. And, so that three weeks later I

said, okay, this is working and the Sheila and I continued to work out for quite

some time and then we had some trouble with our schedules and things didn't line

up and I got busy with touring and I'm also a teacher as well, music teacher. So,

that became difficult. So, I had gotten the book. The Power of 10 book early on.

My first time, the open house and --

Adam: New York Times best-seller by the way.

Joanie: Yes, and so --

Adam: For one week.


Joanie: It was -- it's -- and I'll tell you, it's not like reading through a novel. It's very

practical the way the book is laid out and written. So, what I did was after I read

it, I took pictures of the various workouts and then kept it on my phone.

Adam: That's [crosstalk 08:45] [laughs]--

Joanie: And when I couldn't meet with Sheila I would go to the gym and look at my

phone and look through all the workouts and do it at the gym. And I get a lot of

strange stares here and there.

Adam: That's interesting.

Joanie: You know, everybody's kind of going fast and putting in and I'm there --

Adam: Yeah. I know.

Joanie: One, two and then three. You know, slow and steady and the people at the gym

that I've gone to have seen me shrink over time.

Adam: Yes. That's funny. You talked about this weight loss. 100 and how many pounds?

Joanie: It was 119 as of today.

Adam: 119 pounds. So, let's talk about that because I think it's important for everyone to

understand how you lost that weight.

Joanie: Yes. It is.

Adam: That obviously no exercise program in the world can ever be responsible, solely

responsible for weight loss, fat loss. So, how'd you do it?

Joanie: Well, as you said, exercise is relatively small part of losing that much weight.

Adam: Absolutely.

Joanie: So, I did have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in September of 2015. That's a type of

weight loss surgery. It's not as --

Adam: Bariatric surgery, mhm [affirmative].

Joanie: Yeah. It's not as -- it's not as restrictive as a gastric bypass but it is a very popular,

growing in popularity procedure. Now, the thing about weight loss surgery, what they often don't tell you going into it is that actually 50% of people who have

weight loss surgery gain all of their weight back.

Adam: Mhm [affirmative].

Joanie: And also during the process and you're losing weight very rapidly, it's very easy to lose muscle mass. And you also excess skin is a problem, especially the older you

get. So, what the Power of 10 did -- what the surgery did for helping me lose

weight, the Power of 10 helped me to actually make my body strong and fit. So,

my body does not look like it would if I had not done Power of 10. Absolutely

does not. The extra muscle not only aides in the weight loss because at a resting --

when I'm resting metabolically, I'm still burning more calories than I would if I

didn't have that added muscle mass. It prevented me from losing muscle mass

during this process which is very easy to do and it -- the added tone to my frame

helps to support excess skin. I mean, there's really not a whole lot you can do

about excess skin but you can help how it looks by supporting the skin with

muscle. And I feel stronger right now than I ever have in my entire life, ever,

hands down.

Adam: Right on.

Joanie: Yeah.

Adam: Well, congratulations.

Joanie: Thank you so much.

Adam: You look so great. You look great.

Joanie: Thank you so much.

Adam: You always looked great to me actually.

Joanie: Thank you. Thank you. And I'll tell you there is no weight loss surgery, there's no exercise program in the world that's going to change how you feel about yourself.

That way's a two stage process. I had to start with my body and then I had to work

on my head. So, the in -- that the only -- that it's a lot easier to change how your

body looks than how you feel about how your body looks so.

Adam: Right. Well, you said on our podcast that you never thought of yourself -- you

were not an insecure person. [laughs]


Joanie: No. It's very -- thankfully, music -- that's one of the gifts of music is that from a very young age my identity was more about being a musician and being on stage

and things like that. I before the surgery I was not ashamed to be an obese person.

I was -- I didn't feel like I was ugly or disgusting. Fitting in airplane seats was

kind of tricky and --

Adam: [laughs] [Crosstalk 12:04].

Joanie: Finding matching clothes was a little -- because our band we actually always wear matching dresses. So, it's much easier now find matching dressing than it used to be. You know, we don't have to worry about finding extra small, small and a

double extra-large. Now it's small, medium and large. So, or actually small, small

and medium. I am at a size eight right now.

Adam: You're a medium. You're a medium, officially.

Joanie: I wear size eight pant and I wear a size six dress. I have not been in a single digit dress or pant size in my entire adult life ever.

Adam: Now, I asked you also and you said no. And the question was, it doesn't affect

your voice losing all that weight.

Joanie: Nope. That's a misnomer. That's a very old like classical --

Adam: Mhm [affirmative]. Yeah. Can you prove that with me?

Joanie: Absolutely. Are you asking me to sing with you?

Adam: I am asking you to sing with me. Yes.

Joanie: I would love to. I would love to.

Adam: It would be a real honor because I'm a frustrated rock star. And never had the

talent for that so I went into fitness. But this would fulfill a fantasy of mine.

Joanie: Oh my gosh. Hey, you know the difference between a frustrated musician and a working musician?

Adam: Probably not much, right?

Joanie: Just getting up on the stage and doing it. Just got to get up on the stage and do it.

That's the only cure.


Adam: Alright. Alright. So, let's do it then.

Joanie: Alright.

Tim: So, there's a little backstory that I want to share with you before we get ready to

hear Jammin with Adam and Joanie. Since Adam was traveling he didn't have his

own guitar with him and Adam wasn't quite sure if Joanie would be interested in

singing when she showed up for her on camera interview. But he wanted to be

prepared just in case. Well, I have a guitar so I offered to let Adam use it. Now,

even though I have a guitar, I don't play it. It really serves as a decorative piece in

my house.


Well, many years ago I had it signed by many popular musicians and since it's

been on a shelf for close to 20 years, the strings were as Adam calls it, dead.

Nonetheless, it was all we had. So, when Joanie graciously accepted Adam's offer

to perform with him Adam made the most of my 20-year-old dead guitar strings.

My guitar truly never sounded so good. Judge for yourself. Here's Joanie Pimentel

from the group No Small Children with Adam Zickerman performing Tracy

Chapman's ”Give Me One Reason” live from the InForm Fitness studios in Toluca


Joanie: Alright, Adam, you ready?

[“Give Me One Reason” cover by Joanie Pimentel and Adam Zickerman plays]

Adam: [laughs] [claps] I love it.

Joanie: [laughs] Nice.

Adam: Very good.

Tim:  That was pretty cool. That was Joanie Pimentel from the group No Small Children and our very own Adam Zickerman with Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason. Remember the ladies from No Small Children will be hitting the road out in the east coast and the mid-west here in the month of August in 2016 and don't forget to head out to the movies this summer and see Ghostbusters. If you do, stick around to the closing credits and the bloopers so you can hear Joanie and her group No Small Children perform the song “Ghostbusters” over the closing redits and the bloopers. Very, very cool.

We'll be back again for another regular addition of the InForm Fitness podcast, 20

minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. Please don't forget to subscribe right

here in iTunes, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for listening to the

special addition of the InForm Fitness podcast. For Adam, Mike and Sheila, I'm

Tim Edwards with the Inbound Podcasting Network.